Premier League information

Manchester back in business

Manchester United is back in business. They are at the top of the premier league table and they had some great football scores this season. With their Dutch manager Louis van Gaal they bought some real good players like Martial and Memphis Depay. That’s why man utd played so well the last few weeks and had great football scores in the Premier League.

Predictions for the Premier League table

Our predictions for this Premier League season are hopeful.  We can’t wait for the great derbies, the best football results and the unexpected football scores. Chelsea has a hard job to get back in the top of the Premier League. That’s the reason why the odds for Manchester City and Manchester United are better than ever. Liverpool and Arsenal are the two outsiders of this season in the Premier League. They will get high positions on the Premier League table this season.

Premier League fixtures

You can also find a great view of the Premier League fixtures for this weekend. You can also find the fixtures of next week and the week after. Do you love statistics and history facts of the Premier League? You can find all of the results of the last five years of the Premier League right here!

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